Most lenders offer interest-free quick loans. In addition, lenders are still offering a variety of stocks, and at present (December), the most noticeable offer is probably CreditON “Lends Less Than Borrowed”. This offer allows you not only to borrow one hundred lats for the first time for free, but to give away ninety-five instead – obviously profitable!

Who offers a quick loan up to Ls 100 without interest?

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It would be easier to say who does not offer it. Look here for the first interest-free loan. SMSCredit.lv, which allows you to borrow up to 200 lats without interest, should be highlighted among the best known lenders. Almost all other lenders offer the first loan for up to 100 and 150 lats. For example, this offer is available at Ferratum, Greencredit, VIA SMS, Soho Credit and Mini Credit.

Which lender is best for a quick loan?

SMSCredit.lv still seems to be at the forefront of fast credit, offering a service that is both supportive of people’s initiatives (LabieDarbi.lv) and convenient to use. While popularity is rarely a measure of quality, there must be some reason for the popularity of these lenders – and in this case, popularity can certainly point to quality.

If you have already received the 1st loan from the most popular lenders, you can get up to 100 lats, for example, with Greencredit (up to 150 lats maximum). Applying for your first loan is smart, as this can save you money fast – registration is known to take just a few minutes. Remember that no creditor will give you a loan if you are on the debtors’ register. Debtors register includes people with bad credit history. In order to qualify for a quick credit, there must be no late payment or default.

Borrow wisely and prudently

Borrow wisely and prudently

Although lenders have been offering increasingly attractive terms and conditions lately, just because the terms appear to be favorable does not mean that you have to take out a quick loan. Use the first loan for free and other offers when you borrow a quick loan, but think carefully when and if you can really repay the loan.